Happy. Free. Confused. Lonely.
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Hello blackjacks! ♥

I think I need to edit my blog now. Huhu

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I love it ♥

Hello summer!

"Hi!!" Summer replied.

I know I deserve someone better.

Suppose to be reply

Ako din eh. Namimiss na kita. Yung taong masungit pero at the same time sweet. Yung taong  parang walang pakialam pero pag nagtetext na dapat makikinig ako  sa kanya. Yung taong sobrang bossy pero ako din nasusunod pag gusto ko. Yung taong ayaw ng sweet ako kase gusto niya siya lang ang sweet sa’ming dalawa. Yung taong masungit sa iba pero napipiit pagdating sa’kin. Yung taong naglalambing pag alam niyang nagtatampo ako. Yung taong kung yakapin ako parang sinasabing “Akin ka lang, mahal na mahal kita.” At higit sa lahat yung taong minahal ko ng sobra na ngayo’y may ibang priority na. </3

In the best way


In the best way

Who you are is not where you’ve been. You’re still an innocent. 

Fireworks </3

Thoughts </3

I’ve forgiven you. Then I promised to myself that I will not let my feelings back. I thought It’ll be easy, but I’m wrong. In fact, it makes the situation more complicated..

Yes, I admit I still love you. You know what? I envy you, you’ve easily forgot everything including me.. 

My situation is very complicated. I don’t know what to do. I wanna ask if it’s true the fact that you have already replaced me. Did you forget all those things that you made with me? Does he loves you the way I can? Does he gives you back those efforts? Who is worth-loving me or him? :’(

As I’m crying while typing this thoughts, I’ve decided to let you go. Au revior!